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About UGRC

"Empowering Voices, Uniting Communities: Building Bridges for BIPOC LGBTQIA+ Equity"

At UGRC, we are passionate about upliftment and empowerment. Our organization's mission is to foster healthy connections with the Black LGBTQ community through education, power building and social engagement.


Our Story

From July 20-22, 2018, the groundbreaking UGRC event, Black Pride RVA, took place. This inaugural gathering, the first of its kind in Richmond, VA and the Commonwealth of Virginia, attracted individuals from various parts of the state and beyond to be a part of a historic moment. With the theme "Pride with a Purpose," the weekend showcased a range of planned events aimed at educating, embracing, and celebrating the distinctive lived experiences of the Bi- POC LGBTQ community.

Meet The Board

Program Planning Committees

Our Program Planning Committee Members are a dedicated group of individuals who collaborate to organize and coordinate various events, activities, or projects. They work together to design and implement programs that align with the organization's goals and objectives. Members of the committee bring a range of skills, experiences, and ideas to the table, contributing their expertise to create impactful and successful initiatives. Through their collective efforts, they strive to empower and inspire others, making a positive impact within the community.

Black Pride RVA Planning Committee 2024

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